Our Team

Harry O'Hanley
Harry led development of the grid fin landing system for SpaceX. He later managed the final integration team that achieved a biweekly vehicle production rate.
Darin Van Pelt
Chief Engineer
Darin led development of the main propulsion system for every generation of Falcon 9’s boost stage, including the first-ever to land and relaunch. He previously led R&D projects on the Trident II D5 Missile program at Lockheed Martin.
Dan Piemont
Dan recently led business development at Dynasty.com and quantitative engineering at AltSchool and Redpoint Ventures. He previously ran a $300mm cross-asset balance sheet at Morgan Stanley.
Jessica Pauley
RS1 Director
Jessica most recently ran the development and qualification campaigns for the Newton 4 engine at Virgin Orbit. Previously, she ran the integration and test team at SpaceX that built the first successful grid fin landing system. Earlier, she supervised production at a 500K ton per year soda ash plant.
Ryan Kuhn
Director of Hardware Engineering
Ryan began his career as a mechanical design engineer at Boeing and then Parker Hannifin. At SpaceX, he designed the third generation Falcon 9 grid fin landing system and led the Falcon 9 stage 1 propulsion systems team.
Meagan Roth
Head of Launch
Meagan led Propulsion Integration and Test at SpaceX, where she built and tested five distinct models of the Octaweb, including those on Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 Block 5. Earlier, she worked on ultra-deep water projects at Shell Oil and prototype 12L and 15L engines at Cummins Diesel.
Matt Becker
Head of Components
Becker started as one of the original members of Virgin Orbit’s propulsion team working on engine layouts, high-flow cryogenic valves, and turbomachinery. He built and led the components team and coordinated all turbomachinery and propulsion component related efforts from initial specification to qualification.
Grant Atkinson
Stage Systems Engineer
Grant designed and analyzed integrated propulsion stage systems on LauncherOne at Virgin Orbit. Previously he designed at tested hardware at the Boeing Structures Test Lab and worked on rocket landing systems at Blue Origin.
Anita Solanki
Propulsion Engineer
Anita recently ran over 100 engine test operations exceeding 1500 seconds of hotfire on the Newton 3 and Newton 4 programs at Virgin Orbit. Earlier, she was part of the LH2/LOX propulsion development program at XCOR Aerospace.
Kevin Campbell
Head of Production Operations
Kevin managed global marine operations of 46 drilling units and 360+ personnel for Diamond Offshore. He previously supervised operations for the first-article construction of an offshore drilling unit at Atwood Oceanics.
Jacob Orloff
GNC Engineer
Jacob designed GNC algorithms for three prototype UAV programs at Boeing Phantom Works. Later, he developed GNC systems for commercial drones at AeroVironment.
Patrick Wilczynski
Lead Systems Engineer
Patrick most recently wrote control system software for aircraft engines at Pratt & Whitney. Earlier, he developed hybrid liquid/solid rocket propulsion systems at Yale.
Daniel Waltrip
Automation Software Engineer
Daniel is a full-stack software engineer who has built products at AltSchool. He is also the sole founder and developer of the strat.city gaming platform. Earlier, he was a quantitative researcher at Acumen.
Jake Trudell
Lead Technician
Jake recently led a team of integration technicians at Virgin Orbit. Earlier, he led final assembly for Falcon 9 Stage 1 and Dragon Structures at SpaceX, where he performed final integration on over 40 rocket stages.
Stephen Kent
Hardware Development Engineer
Stephen most recently managed build and test operations for over a dozen component product lines in the Dragon Commercial Crew Program at SpaceX.
Matt Heersink
Process Controller
Matthew recently coordinated materials management at Virgin Orbit. Previously, he was an early employee at SpaceX where he led production control and supervised materials management.
Shane Heersink
Shane has been a machine operator at Hyatt Die Cast and Engineering Co, and is a graduate of The Fab School. Earlier, Shane was an Airman in the U.S. Air Force.
Kirill Safin
Avionics Engineer
Kirill designed and implemented over a dozen advanced avionics platforms for High Altitude Balloons at Stanford University. Earlier, he won a World Championship in competitive robotics.
Oleg Teplyuk
Propulsion Systems Engineer
Oleg built a novel horizontal test stand and tested a 2500lbf liquid rocket engine at Boston University, where he also developed a prototype piston pump. At Analytical Space, he led full life cycle development of systems that have flown on CubeSats.
Roy Cohen
Avionics Engineer
Roy has been working on real time embedded systems professionally since high school, and has won awards for his rocket avionics, hybrid motors, and full-stack quadcopter projects.
Connor Powers
Development Engineering Intern
Connor has developed components for engine test stands at USC's Liquid Propulsion Laboratory, and is a founder of a student design team focused on nuclear thermal propulsion.
Spencer Powers
Development Engineering Intern
Spencer has developed components for engine test stands at USC's Liquid Propulsion Laboratory, and is a founder of a student design team focused on nuclear thermal propulsion.


Bill Swanson
Bill is a Former Chairman and CEO of Raytheon, where he enjoyed a 42-year career spanning manufacturing, missile systems, and electronic systems. He has served on numerous corporate boards including at NextEra Energy, a Fortune 500 company, and is active in the defense, aerospace, and higher education non-profit communities.
John Byrne
John is the former VP of Aircraft Materials and Structures for Boeing, where he helped manage the introduction and production ramp of the 787 as well as record production rates on other aircraft models. He was responsible for more than 1,000,000 parts and over 950 suppliers around the world.
Ray Benvenuti
Ray is the founder of Concord Investment Partners and a former Operating Partner at Greenbriar Equity Group, where he focused on aerospace and automotive opportunities. Previously, he served as CEO of Stellex Aerostructures and Align Aerospace. Earlier, he held roles at Forstmann Little and McKinsey & Company.